Revisiting My Singapore Foodstreet

I’ve never been to Singapore but whenever I feel like going there, I just eat Singaporean food. You can tell a lot about a country’s culture just by eating its food.

My Singapore Food Street at SM Megamall

“Laksa”. Every Singaporean restaurant has its own version and level of hotness, but the one that is being served here...

Singapore food experience

True! And you better be ready once you entered My Singapore Food Street at the 2nd Level, Bridgeway, SM Megamall A & B...

Restaurant Review: My Singapore Food Street in SM Megamall

Filipinos have adventurous palates. This is evident in the way international restaurant brands keep coming here to set up their businesses.

Singapore celebrates National Day Parade

Every 9th of August, Singaporeans celebrate the National Day Parade and each year, fun and exciting activities are lined up.

Just like Singapore, lah

Singapore-born Vivien and Filipino husband Eduardo “Dudo” Vaca moved to the Philippines three years ago and Vivien missed her nasi goreng so much that... Read More

Discover Cultures at My Singapore Food Street

Members of the print, broadcast and online community gathered for the official opening of My Singapore Food Street on February 20, 2013. Read More

Pilipinas News

My Singapore Food Street Launch in Pilipinas News

Unang Hirit

My Singapore Food Street Launch in Unang Hirit